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Never miss an update. I would be upset if it was not available in Canada anymore. However, I will call Unilever to see what they have to say and let you know. All the very best Olga. Please send me anything via my email address that you have on file. What are your thoughts? I live approximately 40 minutes from Toronto.

Thanks so much Olga!! I did forget to tell you that I saw the Persil laundry pics in all the stores except Walmart!

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Sorry, I meant Persil laundry paks. However, I was not notified that you had made a comment on your blog? I checked my settings and everything looks to be fine.

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Thank you Olga! Love your blog! Hi Susan, the way comment notifications work is that you receive an email when someone responds to the comment you left directly, not all comments to the post. However, in the initial thread that you had replied to the number of comments left in response had reached its limit. In the US, Persil had launched as a Walmart exclusive, but then became available almost everywhere — from drugstores like CVS to major supermarket chains. And once that happened Walmart also made in-store displays much smaller, and there were some concerns that they would drop Persil completely.

Unfortunately, the liquid is so strongly prefumed that it left my family choking on the fumes for nearly two days. I am deeply upset to find that the sensetive skin formula is not currently being offered in Canada and would greatly appreciate any contact information for PERSIL Canada in order to request this be made available.

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Just a thought… a front loading machine uses so little water that a lot of the detergent is left in the laundry, leaving very heavy scent, much more that the top loaders. That being said, I have not used the Proclean detergent. I have seen the Sensitive version for sale at the previously mentioned stores in Kitchener, Euro Foods and Italo Foods. Using the Henkel product form Germany and using s spin dryer to remove excess water after washing, I have found the remaining water still has alot of detergent in it as well as the scent.

Currently I use a top loading machine and about 1 oz of detergent. It is enough to clean the laundry well and not leave the clothes stinking of scent. Persil by Hene, Germany is a fabulous product and a little goes a long way! I also read that you add a full ounce.


The product is concentrated and a little goes a long way. This is only a suggestion but perhaps you may want to try using a little less and see if that helps.

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I realize that we are all different and that our noses are all unique in terms of the scents that we tend to gravitate more toward If your water is soft then perhaps you are adding way too much and therefore the rinse cycle would do little to get it all out. I find that Tide is so watered down. And since my water is hard, I go through a bottle of Tide like water. Using Persil has saved me a ,out of money as well because it lasts so long.

My opinion only Rosemary. In every wash test that has been done comparing Tide to Persil, Persil came out the winner each time. I would be interested to know if you had great efficacy using less Persil! Thanks for your reply Susan. Kind regards, Rosemary. Hello Susan: Following your suggestion to use 1 tablespoon of Persil , my laundered towels came out clean, fresh and the colour bright and clear, as in no bleeding of colour. In the past, I have mixed powdered Tide with a box of Borax and a box of washing soda, using a tablespoon of this mixture to launder with great success.

Thanks again , Susan for your comments which are much appreciated. Rosemary PS. On occasion I roll out the old Maytag wringer washer to do sheets and towels which is entertaining, but my childhood memories of Monday laundry days include the old fashioned high sudsing soaps.

Washing laundry — a must. Drying — understandable. But putting it all away is simply taking things a bit too far. Ahh, first of all, please let me tell you that I too have fond memories of that big tub swishing the clothes that my Mother was washing. I used to love to wash clothes as a young child with my mother! You will think that I am odd, but even as a child, I truly enjoyed seeing all the dirt that came out of our clothes. My mother too loved washing our clothes and Rosemary, she was adamant that her whites were Snow White! She would soak them the night before and the next day, with the old Maytag, she would separate the clothes and start washing!

Yes, nothing like hanging your clothes outside on a beautiful day outside to dry in the sun. Rosemary, I am so happy to hear that your cloths came out so well with using a tablespoon of Persil! You must have soft water where you live, but I honestly find Persil to be concentrated where a little goes a long way. I have never had a bottle last me so long like Persil.

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I just know that you take pride in the quality and colour of your washed cloths! And I also know that your whites are as white as snow. I will be truthful with you. When I used Tide, I always washed my whites twice. If they still did not meet up to my expectations, they would go in again and again. And they usually had to even though I would add Borax, Oxyiclean, bleach. However, after using Persil on its own for the first time, for the first time, I was shocked honestly because my whites were so much whiter even after just one wash with Persil.

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I was pleasantly surprised. And then I realized that I did not need to add as much Persil, so I kept cutting back on it and my clothes were as white as I had ever seen them. I will tell you though that because I do have hard water, I do add one tablespoon of oxiclean with the Persil only when I wash my whites.

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Odds of receiving any given coupon depend on the number of entries received and your time of entry. Please feel free to emai, me as you have my email address. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But Persil is a steal at 4. Notify me of new posts by email.

Rosemary, my whites came out so white that people thought I had a new top, or new white sweater. My socks and white towels land even facecloths looked brand new again. If you want to experience with your whites, I would say, why not. You have entered an incorrect email address!